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The Development Team


- to: Jean Melanson, Warden of the Municipality of Clare, Nova Scotia and a member of the Western Counties Regional Library Board, who first got the inspiration for this project.

- to: the Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse (F.A.N.E.) for giving us permission to use its text on the Acadian flag and the Acadian National Anthem.

- to: The Nova Scotia Provincial Library for its active participation in the development of this project and for supplying human resources.

- to: The Western Counties Regional Library for its active participation in the development of this project and for supplying technical and administrative support.

- to: Harold Robicheau for having granted us the permission to use some of his photos.

- to: Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Ecosse for having graciously supplied us with several images on the contemporary identity of Acadians in Nova Scotia.

- to: Cécile Chevrier who helped us in our efforts to obtain certain copyright permissions.

- to: artist Nelson Surette who gave us the permission to expose his works on the Internet at no charge.

- to: Richard Landry, information officer at Université Sainte-Anne, who cooperated with us in our efforts.

- to: Mary E.T. Collier who gave us her written permission to use photos taken by her late husband Mr. John Collier Jr.

- to: Doctor Alexander H. Leighton who along with Mary E.T. Collier has given permission to use these same photos.

- to: Canadian Heritage, (Wayne Kerr) Atlantic region who graciously supplied us with the image Acadie: L'Odysée d'un peuple.

- to: Omer Majeed and Alasdair Mckie of Ingenia Corporation for all their help and technical support.

-to: Nora Hockin, Gary Parent, Bill Murphy, Nadia Kazmyra and Keith Richardson of Industry Canada for all their help and support in helping us reach our goal.


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The Development Team


From left to right, the members are:

Sheldon Fougere | Michelle Shanks | Anne-Louise Belliveau | Michel P. Ogilvie | Neil Boucher, Ph.D.

Sheldon Fougere

Sheldon Fougere is a 2nd year student at the
Burridge Campus ( Yarmouth ) of the Nova Scotia Community College. After graduation in 1997 Sheldon will be a certified computer service and n etwork technician.

For the purposes of this project he was principal HTML programmer and computer technician.

Michelle Shanks

Michelle Shanks is a 4th year student enrolled in the Bachelor of Administration Cooperative program at
Université Sainte-Anne ( Church Point )

She acted as researcher and writer during the project.

Anne-Louise Belliveau

Anne-Louise Belliveau is a 4th year arts student at Université Sainte-Anne ( Church Point )

Her main tasks during the project included research and word and image processing.

Michel P. Ogilvie

Michel P. Ogilvie, M.L.I.S., has been the French Services Coordinator for the
Nova Scotia Provincial Library since March of 1996.

He is presently based in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and works out of the Western Counties Regional Library. His principal role in this project is that of team coordinator and project administrator. He also participated actively in historical research, writing, editing and image processing.

Neil Boucher

Neil Boucher, Ph.D., is professor of Acadian history at
Université Sainte-Anne ( Church Point ) since 1974 and has been director of the Centre Acadien at that same institution since 1981.

Neil's principal role was project custodian and historical advisor.

More information on Acadian history and genealogy is available at the Centre Acadien, Université Sainte-Anne, Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada.
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