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The Acadian Odyssey

Many factors have contributed to what is called the "Acadian Identity". Amongst these are: a common experience shared by the first settlers; an independent spirit principally the result of having been left to themselves by their mother country; a common language and religion that were shared with only a small number of those other settlers who were also discovering the "New World". However, amongst all these factors, none has had as much impact as the forcible expulsion of the Acadians during the years 1755 to 1763. All Acadians, no matter where they live today, see the "great upheaval", or the deportation as the ultimate factor of their common identity. The following pages are a graphic and textual elaboration of this identity and show how it has more than simply maintained itself throughout nearly four centuries.

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More information on Acadian history and genealogy is available at the Centre Acadien, Université Sainte-Anne, Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada.
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